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My name is Mindy Saint Martin, born and raised in the state of Maine. My husband Lexius and I live in Waterville, Maine. In our quiet community, we are raising our two small boys and are happily expecting our third child this spring. Since we were married in 2014, we have build our home and family to uphold the true American values of family, abiding by the law and hardworking.
A week after last Christmas, On January 2, 2018 an officer from Immigration and Custom Enforcement took my husband into custody and started a procedure to deport him back to Haiti where he was born.
Lexius came to the US with his parents in 1994 at the young age of 11 when his family fled political turmoil in Haiti. 24 years later, Lexius never went back to Haiti and has no immediate relative in that country that had become a foreign land to him. He embraced America as his country and grew up like any of us, making some mistake along the way.
Growing up in a impoverished city in South Florida and being raised by new immigrants migrant workers, Lexius got in trouble with the law and eventually was sentenced as a young adult to a prison term for being involved in drug trafficking.
The man that was arrested in 2007 is not the same person I fell in love with and married after I met him. He had grown past his troubled years, got a job, complied with all the terms of his probation and kept in contact with immigration. We settled, bought a house and follow the law. Lexius is also the breadwinner of our family. He is a decent family oriented loving husband and God loving man.
As our political leaders are trying to reform immigration, this is the tragic story of my family being broken apart as my children are being punished for their father’s past mistakes.
Lexius has followed a path that many troubled America’s youth have followed and he came to this country as a child who never understood the full implications of his actions. He did eventually embraced the full American values and turned his life around. Being sent back to Haiti is not a punishment to Lexius. It is a punishment to our family and our young children including our unborn.
Lexius is currently being detained without by being any threat to society or a flight risk. My only option to save my family and not ending up on public assistance is for Lexius to be pardoned by our governor.
I plea that everyone who has value family and believe in second chances, joins me in petitioning governor LePage for a pardon.
Thank you

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