Freedom to Freely Talk About Sexual Topics for Students and Teachers

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The teachers of the Salem-Keizer school district are being forced to report everything to DHS involving any sexual activity with students and even their own children (if they attend school in the district). If it is found that teachers have withheld any information regarding this topic they may be fined and potentially lose their job. This leaves students with no one. The students no longer have that safe teacher they can talk to. Instead the students must find a way to be sneaky and hide so that they don't get reported, which could leave to several more issues. On top of this, the Teachers are losing their right to parent their children. Say the child made a mistake, they won't be able to go to their parent without fear of being reported, and the teacher will have to live with knowing their child can't trust them. What if there's a rape or some kind of sexual assault? The victim could potentially be brushed aside because DHS has a bunch of reports they are dealing with coming from Teachers. A lot of these cases will be taken to court when there are bigger issues to focus on. The school district is also doing nothing to communicate this new rule to parents, students, and the community. In the long run this new rule will end up hurting students and staff.

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