Save the USF Boxing Ring!

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Koret is on the fence on either replacing the boxing ring or getting rid of it all together. The objective of this petition is not to target any specific administration at Koret but just to bring awareness to the importance of replacing the ring.

The boxing ring is a crucial tool for the club boxing team in preparing for competition and the club in the past has been a powerhouse in producing national champions since starting in 1997. The ring is also extremely valuable for the Filipino Culture and Boxing class which promotes cultural diversity and the Muay Thai club. Because of all these groups of students that use the ring, I find it crucial for Koret to push towards keeping a boxing ring.

We are gathering signatures to show Koret and the University that the students would like to still have a ring and would like Koret to look towards repairing options. The ring should not be taken for granted of it's added value for USF and all the boxing cultivates, work ethic, discipline, self-control, persistence and finding the strength you never thought you had, not only in the ring but outside as well.

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