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We call on the Chairman of the ABB to initiate a public investigation into the strategy of their members refusing business on what should be the primary activity in their shops - betting.

It is unacceptable for betting shops and betting operators to continually close customer accounts and decline or restrict wagers for horse and sports betting whilst allowing unrestricted cash acceptance on electronic casino games in the same shops.

The dominance of gambling on electronic casino machines (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBTs), which should be an ancillary product to the primary activity of betting in shops, has resulted in over 9,000 high street mini casinos that no longer want to take on genuine customers who enjoy the sport of horse racing.

The impact of this strategy is taking money away from horse racing via the levy and we call on Paul Darling, the Chairman of the Association of British Bookmakers, to initiate an urgent public inquiry into this issue.

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Examples of what the betting industry is up to are listed here...

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A guy from the company called to say they were banning me from betting on horse racing because I am 'too good

A few weeks ago, a customer went into a betting shop in west London to have a flutter


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