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Allow formal and official defection from the Catholic Church in Ireland

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In late August 2010, the Holy See confirmed that it was no longer possible to defect formally from the Catholic Church. This takes away the freedom of speech as there is no choice or freewill involved in this act. People who were brought up into the religion but do not share the same beliefs as the Church have no escape.

If you were baptised as a Catholic you are still counted among the congregation of the church, regardless of what beliefs you currently hold. Here are some reasons why you may wish to leave:

You no longer subscribe to the Catholic ethos, or are a 'lapsed' Catholic and you
do not wish to be counted as a member;
Are appalled by the revelations concerning clerical abuse and wish to formally leave the church as a symbolic action;
Do not approve of the close relationship between the church and the Irish state and wish to contribute to its dismantling.
You wish to join another faith/religion.

Church Abuse Scandals

The Catholic church has been rocked by countless scandals involving physical, sexual and emotional abuse of mostly young children, and the coverup of these crimes. This has been documented in the Ryan Report of May 2009, which stated that children lived in "a climate of fear" and that "sexual abuse was endemic in boys institutions", and the Murphy Report into the Dublin Archdiocese, published in November 2009. The public reaction to these reports was one of shock and outrage. Formally defecting from the Catholic church is one way of letting church authorities know how you feel about these scandals.

This petition is not against the Catholic Church or the Catholic faith in any way, it is simply to allow people to express themselves freely. For people who were brought unknowingly into the religion and have formed different beliefs should have the right to leave the faith officially, having it officially documented and recorded.

This is not an attack or denial of the beliefs or the faith of those who do wish to stay, and remain Roman Catholics.

It is only for those who wish not to be misrepresented by an organization who does not have our interest.


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