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#RecallMAGGI Noodles from the market! Don't Feed Lead!

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I was shocked to know that high levels of MSG and lead were found in Maggi. Apparently the levels of lead were seven times more than what is allowed.  

I am speechless and outraged because too much MSG and lead causes severe health problems!

I cannot see our children and youth face the scenario of being afflicted with learning difficulties, vomiting, headache, nausea and breathing problems.

Nestle needs to become responsible to its customers and cannot sell substandard products.  When Lucknow Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA) found lead and MSG, I was horrified. Maggi is poisoning our generation and Nestle needs to take action immediately!

Sign my petition and ask Nestle to recall Maggi from the market! We want Maggi that does not make us sick.

In the past, Nestle has recalled Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in USA, Kit Kat chunky peanut butter bars​, Kit Kat chunky hazelnut bars, Kit Kat chunky choc fudge bars​, Kit Kat chunky caramel bars, Kit Kat chunky hazelnut multipack, ​Kit Kat chunky collection giant egg​; all from UK, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, Austria, Singapore, the Philippines and Canada​.

Nestle can do this for Maggi as well. If thousands of customers demand Nestle to recall Maggi, they will have to rise above profiteering and prove that it values the lives of its Indian customers!

They have recalled products in developed countries before. Nestle can not sell substandard products in India either!

Sign my petition and share it with your friends.

Let’s hold Nestle accountable and make Maggi MSG and lead free!

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