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God Bless our #GoodPolice but the #BadCops Have-2-Go! #NoMorePoliceSexualAbuse & we MUST have Fair & Impartial Investigations of ALL Reported Police Misconducts! All of them! No more "We have no jurisdiction" as our Innocent Citizens suffer & our #BadCops move on to the next Innocent Citizen #NoMore 
WA STATE MUST HAVE: THE WA-STATE-DEPARTMENT-OF-POLICE-ACCOUNTABILITY In WA State like so many others....NO OUTSIDE AGENCY HAS THE JURISDICTION TO DO ANY INVESTIGATION OF ANY CLAIMS OF ANY MISCONDUCTS MADE BY ANY CITIZEN WITHOUT --- PERMISSION--- From the Police Department itself... That is like the Family being the ONLY ONES WITH ANY AUTHORITY to Investigate Charles Manson! We all know how that would have turned out! I intend to change this in WA State or Die Fighting to!

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​​IN 1985 WA State (like most states) voters decided to pass a new law giving all WA State Police Departments the right to "Mandate Themselves" & I feel it is time to change this. Not only WA State, but many states in America have the same problem/issue. When a #LEO (Law enforcement officer) is reported for any "Misconduct" (this can be from a bogus ticket, sexual abuse, racial profiling, excessive force etc) that report goes to the Police Department for "Investigation" of the misconducts/crimes being reported, and in most cases ends up "No Infractions/Misconducts found. Case Closed" and goes nowhere else!

As a nation, it is time for all voters, in every state, to reverse the law that gave our PD's the right to "Mandate Themselves" with no Fed/State "Jurisdiction" or oversight.

As the #Survivor of #PoliceSexualAbuse out of Everett WA I know 100% what I am speaking of. 


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