Free Leonard Peltier NOW!! Says silenced activist by Democratic party for Leonard Peltier

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Dear Friends,

     First and foremost, Leonard Peltier remains, and always is, THE STANDING ROCK MOVEMENT, THE LNG MOVEMENT AND ALL NATIVE AMERICAN MOVEMENTS THAT EVER WERE AND EVER ARE.  HE WAS AND IS THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT.  He remains that, no matter what anyone says or does.  They cannot deny it.  LEONARD STARTED THE MOVEMENT OF REVOLUTION FOR THE PEOPLE...TO PROTEST THE HORRIFIC CONDITIONS ON PINE RIDGE AND OTHER RESERVATIONS, TO PROTEST HOW NATIVE AMERICANS ARE IGNORED, ABUSED AND DISREGARDED IN THIS was, and IS LEONARD.  And the Movement started right here in Olympia, Washington, and Leonard had a successful Auto Repair in Seattle.  Leonard, who loves and lives despite the fact that the U.S. government is waiting for him to die off. 

        As Leonard lays dying in jail, Obama will have to live with the fact that he and the Democrats DID NOTHING for Native American rights.  Leonard Peltier remains in jail since the 1970's when he was framed by the U.S. Government and FBI for shooting two FBI agents.  If you do not know who Leonard Peltier is, please research his case.  IT IS URGENT!! in what remains the largest, disgusting lie and travesty of this government of Native American oppression.   In the Incident at Oglala, it is clearly documented that Leonard was framed for being a peaceful activist for Native American rights.
        I remain a silenced, authentic activist for Native American rights and a Bernie Sanders delegate who was heavily silenced and abused by the Democratic party who was terrified that I might actually talk about the real issues of the darkness of Native American oppression. My whole life...all I have done and sought to do is give a voice for Leonard.  Leonard, who is dying in jail whose crime is being Native American, according to America.  Leonard, who just had triple bypass surgery just this year who is horrifically punished for nothing other than being a peaceful activist.  Leonard, whose issue becomes no longer an issue in the forefront, but the "forgotten issue of yesterday". Leonard, who wanted equal rights and wanted to be a voice for the Lakota on Pine Ridge and all Native Americans.  Leonard, my hero.
   I was physically threatened, bullied and forced to endure horrific silencing by the Democratic party. The fakes, the inauthentic losers, the kiss ass haters, the "limousine liberals" run rampant in the party and seek to silence me the way they did with Bernie Sanders. 
    I am 44.  I grew up in an alcoholic home and a thought my life was over at the age of 15, but then I picked up a book on Leonard Peltier and A.I.M.  It changed my life. I figured if Leonard could be a warrior and survive horrible oppression, then I could survive my life.  I went on to protest at the age of 16 and 17 across from the White House for Leonard and then at the age of 19, I walked across the country for Leonard Peltier on the Walk Across for Mother Earth (you can find it on Facebook.) 

Thank you,