Harsher laws for sex offenders

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Child offenders are already served a light sentence for such a horrible crime. They are then placed back in our community around our babies! I can't and I won't let this happen to another child again! I want to push for harsher laws or even stricter stipulations for when they are released! We have to protect our children and by placing these animals in our community with just a piece of paper with their information circling around IS NOT ENOUGH!! I'm willing to fight for this cause and I hope you guys are willing to help me!         

So many of our babies are hurt by the ones that are released on these heinous acts! I vow today to stand up and make a change because I refuse to sit back and let this happen again. We need a plan from the time our victims come forward. We need to make these predators pay for their actions and NOT with these slap on the wrist sentences that has been passed down over and over again! 

It's sad that these crimes are committed on these innocent souls and the punishment is lesser than a person who sells drugs! The laws need changed and we need to make examples out of these people because how many more of our babies do we have to lose? Holding them accountable for their actions could prevent them from doing it again!