Cancel the Casting of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra #TakeBackCleo

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The recent news of the casting of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra in the upcoming film about the Queen's life has made thousands of Egyptians upset. Gal Gadot is an Israeli who served in and supports the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), which is one of the most violent armies in the world and has the blood of thousands of Palestinian children on its hands. Given the trauma, pain, massacres, and displacement that Israel has caused in the Arab region, this is the worst possible actress one could choose to play the role of one of Egyptian history's most important figures. This casting is an absolute insult and humiliation to Egypt and its people. We stand in full support of our Egyptian soldiers who lost their lives in defence of their country against Israel. We also stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and also with Syrians, Lebanese people, Jordanians, and others who have been killed or abused by the IDF. We demand that the casting of Gal Gadot be CANCELLED. 

ANY OTHER actress would be a better casting choice than zionist Gal Gadot who supports the IDF and its human rights abuses against Palestinians. However, we believe that since Cleopatra is an important figure in Egyptian history, heritage, and identity (even if she was Greek), an Egyptian actress is most deserving of playing the role of Cleopatra. Egyptians have also been severely underrepresented in Western cinema, and on the rare occasion that they ARE represented, they're cast only as terrorists or other stereotypical figures. This would therefore be a perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of Egypt's many talented, beautiful actresses who are more than capable of taking up this role and sharing the story of a crucial icon in their history with the world. For those who believe that Cleopatra was fair-skinned and should be played by a fair-skinned woman, there are dozens of fair-skinned, white-passing Egyptian actresses to choose from. 

In summary:

1. We do not want a zionist war criminal to represent an important figure in our history and heritage. Demand: Cancel the casting of Gal Gadot.

2. Though ANY. OTHER. ACTRESS. would be a better choice than Gal Gadot, we believe an Egyptian actress is more deserving of playing the role of Cleopatra. Demand: Hire an Egyptian/North African actress.

We will no longer stand by silently as a zionist colonizes OUR story. We are here to #TakeBackCleo.

Sign this petition to demand that director Patty Jenkins, Paramount Motion Picture Group President Emma Watts, and script writer Laeta Kalogridis cancel the casting of Gal Gadot.

To learn more about Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians: