Reduce Canadian Deaths from Covid-19 and Support Canada with Social Distancing and Testing

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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic as Covid-19 (Coronavirus) rapidly spreads across the world. It is now not just China with reported cases, but 125 countries and territories around the world with nine of them reporting over 100 cases daily. Additionally, just south of the border in the states of New York and Washington, there have been outbreaks which increase the risk of the virus further spreading in Canada.

There appear to be two available practices that help reduce the spread of the Covid-19:

  • Making testing readily available and promoting self-quarantine
  • Social distancing

We would like to show our support to the Canadian government that we would be in favour of the following measures:

  • Provide enough Covid-19 tests to hospitals and walk-in clinics so any patients with remote signs of Covid-19 will be tested.
  • Ensure test results are provided back to patients within 24-hours and that people with mild symptoms self-quarantine until results are provided. Hospitals will admit people with worse symptoms as well as higher risk groups. 
  • Provide results to patients online so that they do not need to expose the public to Covid-19 in case they do test positive. 
  • Report back to the public the results of tests daily including the number of people tested, the number of people who tested positive, and the number of people who tested negative.
  • Issue a request to postpone all public gatherings over 10-people. All grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open during this time. 
  • Encourage companies to support work from home policies.
  • Increase efforts to support the development of a vaccine and progress should be reported back to the public. 

Together we can help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and hopefully save lives.  The elderly and people with complicating factors are at higher risk of dying if they contract Covid-19 and even though you may not be at higher risk, it is possible to pass it onto someone who is. 

Please sign the petition and promote it through social media and other channels for others to sign as well.