To control, protect, secure feed The Cat Colony of Alhambra - Granada - Spain.

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In my last stay at Alhambra of Granada in May, i saw near "Puerta del Vino" entry, how a group of cats were approaching the tourists in order to beg human food. You can realize that female ones all day are giving birth without control.

I request that The Alhambra of Granada managers must destine an annual budget to secure a covered feeder, and also to control the cats colony through castrations:

The aim is that it can become a controlled colony, without new litters of kittens, without male tagging odors and so on.

In this way, these actions cause as little inconvenience as possible to people, while the area is clean of mice and rats.

If we allow to live in this way, the number of cats won’t increase, Otherwise new kittens will born and it will be impossible to control their population.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated

 En mi visita a la Alhambra de Granada en el puente de mayo, puede ver en la Puerta del Vino, como una colonia de gatetes se acercaban a los turistas para mendigar algo de pan o comida de humanos, las hembras se ve que tienen camadas cada dos por tres destinadas a malvivir

Me gustaría que se destinara una partida a proporcionarles pienso mediante un comedero o tolva de pienso, cubierto para protegerlo de la lluvia, así como mejorar la calidad de vida de la colonia mediante capturar esterilizar y soltar nuevamente.