Irish Football Association cancel the N-Ireland 'friendly' match with Israel.

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We call on Irish Football Association chief executive Patrick Nelson to cancel the Northern Ireland 'friendly' match with Israel scheduled for 11th September 2018.

Holding a 'friendly' match with Israel sends the message that Israel’s indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians is acceptable; that systematically ending the dreams of promising young Palestinian footballers is not significant. Even worse, it gives Israel a green light to continue its crimes, with impunity.

This is part of the Israeli Government's “sports-washing” propaganda strategy, which exploits sporting events to hide its systemic human rights abuses against Palestinians. 

Palestinian civil society has called for no business as usual with Israel as long as it denies Palestinians their human rights.

The Irish Football Association has the power to cancel this 'friendly' match, unlike official matches under FIFA, and to stand on the right side of history.

There's #NothingFriendly about Israel's oppression of Palestinians.

Apartheid - wrong in South Africa, wrong in Palestine.