Recognize Pets/Companion Animals As More Than Property in North Carolina

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On October 23rd I came home from my college class and parked my car in my driveway. As I opened the door I was greeted by my lively 5 month-old puppy Percy. He jumped up and licked my face as a greeting and I gave him some of my chick-fil-a nuggets as a treat. Two hours later my dad found him in the road less than 20feet from our driveway, the victim of a careless driver speeding down our residential street where children usually play. Once the police arrived and assessed the situation they told us that there were no legal avenues we could persue although we knew who had hit him.

This was because In North Carolina pets/companion animals are viewed as property. As 2/3rds of Americans now have pets in their homes, domestic animals such as dogs and cats have taken a much more personal role in our lives, often being considered a member of the family in many homes. This disconnect between the law and the values we hold as a society are deeply troubling for me as I have spent the past week grieving the loss of a puppy I knew from the day he was born. I don’t want another pet-owner to lose their pet to a careless individual and not recieve the justice them and their pet deserves.

Please sign this petition so that the next time this happens in our state we can say that we value our pets and the companionship, unconditional love, and devotion they give to us. If you have a pet or have had a pet, please do this for them. They can’t speak for themselves so we must.