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Don't Fire Emily Miller

Background story: The anti-gun "Coalition to Stop Gun Violence" has organized a campaign to have Emily Miller, an award-winning journalist from WTGG, fired from her position because she dares to show the pro-gun perspective in her articles.

Opinion: It's frightening that someone could be fired for having an opinion; it's also outright proof that anti-gun activists are not only going after the 2nd Amendment but will gleefully attempt to crush the 1st Amendment rights of people with whom they disagree by threatening their very employment. Is this the kind of country America wants to become?

As my friend Chris Smith put it: "People should not be fired for having an opinion, as long as they express this opinion lawfully and peacefully, and within the confines of their employment guidelines. This attempt to suppress freedom of speech is a jack-booted attack on the Constitution."

To Patrick Paolini, WTTG's General Manager: don't fire Emily - if you have to do anything, give her a promotion and a raise! She's been a voice of common sense in the wilderness and is a pleasure to read.

Action: Please sign below and support Emily - thank you.

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