Protect life at all gestational periods

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Every day across this nation, thousands of unborn children are murdered in cold blood at the hands of their own parents and professional murderers who call themselves doctors. Sadly, this practice is allowed to continue because our culture has so twisted the truth of what abortion really is that anyone who speaks against it is called a bigot, a harasser of women, or narrow-minded. Make no mistake; abortion is murder, and there is no justification for murder - not a medical emergency (women and their babies actually have survived ectopic pregnancies, look it up.), not rape or incest (Punish the one who actually committed the crime.), not, "I just can't afford another kid right now." (Trust me when I say there is plenty of financial/material help. If you don't believe me, spend some time volunteering at your local crisis pregnancy or pregnancy resource center.), and not, "It's OK before 20 weeks because the child can't feel pain (Google "congenital insensitivity to pain" and you'll see how ludicrous this argument is.)." The only thing sadder than these excuses is that, often times, they come from the very people who claim to be pro-life. Many of our nation's leaders say they understand the sanctity of life and are working to protect it and yet make exceptions, and this inconsistency reflects itself in the laws of our land. North Carolina is no different. NC General Statutes Chapter 14, Article 11, § 14-44 states, "If any person shall willfully administer to any woman, either pregnant or quick with child, or prescribe for any such woman, or advise or procure any such woman to take any medicine, drug or other substance whatever, or shall use or employ any instrument or other means with intent thereby to destroy such child, he shall be punished as a Class H felon." But, § 14-45.1(a) states, "Notwithstanding any of the provisions of G.S. 14-44 and 14-45, it shall not be unlawful, during the first 20 weeks of a woman's pregnancy, to advise, procure, or cause a miscarriage or abortion when the procedure is performed by a qualified physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina in a hospital or clinic certified by the Department of Health and Human Services to be a suitable facility for the performance of abortions." Therefore, we the people of the sovereign state of North Carolina call upon Representative Patrick McHenry of the NC 10th congressional district to propose a legislative bill that will consistently protect the unborn by removing the exceptions to punishing abortion found in G.S. §14-45.1, thereby making abortion providers punishable by law as class H felons. Furthermore, should the proposed legislation pass, we urge Representative McHenry to encourage state and local leaders to disregard any federal statute, law, mandate, or ruling that seeks to reverse, repeal, supersede, or otherwise undermine the aforementioned legislation. This effort must succeed or the shedding of innocent blood in North Carolina will only continue.