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Don't endanger immigrant families

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Growing up Latina in a predominantly immigrant community, I’ve seen firsthand how racist anti-immigrant laws can have devastating effects on immigrant families. Many of my family members and dearest friends are undocumented, which is why I was so shocked to learn about a scary anti-immigrant bill that just arrived on North Carolina Governor McRory’s desk.

Join me and tell Governor McRory to veto HB 318, an anti-immigrant bill that threatens the safety of all North Carolinians.

If passed, this bill would overturn all sorts of laws in the state that have helped to build trust between the undocumented community and local law enforcement. HB 318 would allow local police to arrest anyone who is not carrying state identification – mostly undocumented immigrants who carry IDs from their home countries – and turn them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This practice raises safety issue for all residents of North Carolina, not just undocumented people. When some community members are hesitant to call the police for fear of being deported, it threatens the safety of the entire community. It means that women who are being abused by their partners might not call the police for help, or workers who are being mistreated by their employers will be afraid to speak out. In a state with one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country, HB 318 would leave thousands of people living in the shadows, in constant fear that they might be deported away from their families. We cannot stand by while this bill passes.

But in order to stop it, we have to act now. HB 318 is currently sitting on the Governor’s desk, and could be signed into law any time now. Sign this petition to protect immigrant families like mine and to keep North Carolina residents safe.

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