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Hi. My name is Chris. I live in Hong Kong the most wasteful society in the world. We hold the crown as the kings of trash.  Moreover, we rank 8th in the world in terms of marine consumption.  The per capita consumption is even almost double that of China!  

大家好! 我的名字是Chris,我住在香港,令人慚愧的是這地方是最會浪費的城市,我們是浪費之王!而且香港人在海洋生物消耗量上是全球第八位,如按比例來比較,我們的消耗量是中國的2倍!

I am lucky that the village I live in is one of pristine beauty. It's Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park managed by the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD). The AFCD is kind of like the parks service of the Hong Kong SAR and as the name puts it, responsible for wildlife and marine conservation in Hong Kong.  Hoi Ha is an area of 2.6 sq. Km with over 120 species of coral fish and 64 species of stony coral. It's kind of a gem in Hong Kong because it has some of the best coral communities in all of China. Because it's such an amazing site, we see more than 96,000 visitors per year.


As a resident of Hoi Ha, I attended a meeting on November 4th with the AFCD regarding a new educational visitor centre they plan to build here. I asked them if they will include a permanent exhibit regarding the urgent situation of our trashed oceans and what we as a people can do to fix the problem. They responded that "plans for the educational package are to be more conservation related and any exhibit regarding ocean trash would be temporary in nature".  


Uh what??  I think our wasting of the oceans has everything to do with marine conservation. And most importantly, us Hong Kongers are the proven leaders of litter.


This is not a fact for us to be proud of. And so it is absolutely integral we take every opportunity to begin educating about the disastrous impact we are having on the oceans and what we can do to stop it. And what better place to do it than at the new visitor centre in Hong Kong's best marine park that sees so many visitors per year. It has got to be one of the most strategic locations to get the message across and to have the highest impact on our society here in Hong Kong.


So this is a petition to Patrick Lai, Assistant Director, Country and Marine Parks of AFCD and Alan Chan, Senior Marine Parks Officer of AFCD to:


  1. Guarantee the inclusion of a permanent educational exhibit at the new Hoi Ha Wan Marine Centre regarding how we have trashed our oceans and the risks of continuing on the same course
  2. Ensure the exhibit discusses the poor record we Hong Kongers have at waste management globally
  3. Provide solutions on how each one of us can change our habits to stop the current destruction and begin fixing the disaster
  4. An ongoing status report of the improvement actions being taken and the performance of such actions

Please help me convince Hong Kong's marine conservation department of the importance of this.  As the visitor centre is currently under construction, we need to try to convince them of this before completion.  So, I need to get as much help as I can.


Please show your support and help me ensure we begin educating the world's biggest wasters on the importance of reducing our impact on the world's oceans.


Please sign my petition.  

Please share it globally. As the world's leading wasters, we owe it to the world.


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