Patreon to stand up against piracy and content theft

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Patreon has been a great place for up and coming content creators, artists, creative individuals to earn money from their monthly activity. However, those who disrespect copyright, those who do not care to supports artists in what they do and leech for free art are making the platform a hard place to start up or run an already existing page.

The likes of use bots, user shared accounts to acquire and steal images, files and any form of posted content to then openly distribute for free on their site.

Patreon's Charge Upfront (CUF) function promises some form of resolution, but it's not perfect for multiple reasons, the biggest one being it's still in "beta" phase since December 2016, and only available to a randomly selected group of people. Requesting this functionality through Patreon Support will get you nowhere.
Charge Upfront promises to deduct pledged fees on the day of pledging, not the first of the upcoming month as it usually happens. This theoretically would keep people from pursuing their "pledge and bail" tactics where they cancel their ongoing patronship just before the end of the month, to escape paying to Patreon and the artist.

- Patreon should push out Charge Upfront from the "beta" phase and enable all their users to decide how they want to trust their supporters.
- Patreon should investigate and their methods for stealing and ripping content straight from creator pages through user submitted log in tokens and bot accounts.
- Patreon should experiment with and develop additional systems that help prevent further piracy against their users