Patients ask Drug Science, clinics and partners not to increase Cannabis medication costs.

Patients ask Drug Science, clinics and partners not to increase Cannabis medication costs.

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Started by Sonny Richard

In November 2018, UK law changed to allow the prescribing of Cannabis based products for medical use. Private clinics have been at the forefront of the UK's medical cannabis market.

Cannabis medication is available on the NHS, however is incredibly hard to obtain. It is reported that only three prescriptions have been issued on the NHS since it’s legalisation. This is why many patients seek treatment through a private clinic, self-funding their treatment each month. 

Some select clinics, dispensaries and other partners are working alongside Drug Science to run a project called Project Twenty21 - which allows patients access to reduced cost CBMP medication and reduced fees associated with their treatment. In exchange for these reduced costs, patients agree that their healthcare data is used to provide evidence for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis are proven to outweigh the potential risks.

Patients on the Project Twenty21 scheme, currently pay £150 per 30 grams/£5 per gram of medicinal Cannabis flower - in a recent newsletter addressed to patients, it states that from February 2022 prices are expected to rise.

The price will increase to £210, per 30 grams of flower - £7 per gram.

Project Twenty21 formulary THC/CBD oils are also increasing in price, a 30ml bottle of oil usually costing £150 will now be £210.

For example, personally I receive 60 grams of Cannabis flower each month. From February 2022, my prescription costs will go from £300 to £420 - excluding repeat prescription fees and quarterly check up appointment costs. I will no longer be able to afford my treatment and prescription.

Many patients are prescribed more than one product, this was also reported in a recent Drug Science update - this means that it will become even more unaffordable for those that rely on multiple Cannabis based products, having to deal with a price increase across multiple items.

When patients joined Project Twenty21 - they were never advised that the price of their medication may increase at any point.

The project for many will become unaffordable - leaving people without medication which has helped alleviate symptoms of a medical condition. For most patients, joining the project was a life-line and a step forward - this is now a step backwards for many.

Patients joined this scheme to access low-cost medication, to contribute to the project and improve their health; this price increase could potentially leave people in a position where they are no longer able to afford this vital medication. 

Some patients will now be forced to access illicit products or revert to using traditional medications like opioids, which have their own dangerous side effects. Many individuals will have transitioned off traditional medications onto Cannabis based products - this could leave many patients without medication and in a position where they need to approach their GP again for referrals and traditional medication etc.

Many patients who receive a medicinal cannabis prescription have reported that they are paying for their treatment with state benefits and/or savings. Patients on social media have said that they often go without heating during cold months and have to make spending cuts elsewhere to fund their treatment.

Drug Science have provided an 'exclusive' update to Canex:

Patients have suggested they feel this looks like price gouging behaviour by Drug Science and the clinics associated with Project Twenty21 due to the increasing popularity and exposure of the project.

Drug Science has recently announced that they are opening up the eligibility criteria for a prescription, allowing more patients to join Protect Twenty21 through select clinics - thus continuing with the study and continuing to obtain healthcare data from new and existing patients who remain on the project.

Existing patients who joined prior to Feb 2022 and have had their data used for the project, should be able to continue to access their £5 per g/ml medication as agreed when they initially enrolled onto the project.

We as patients ask Drug Science, clinics and partners associated with Project Twenty21; to not go ahead with the proposed price increase of medications from February 2022.



595 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!