'Pathogenic' viruses do not exist

'Pathogenic' viruses do not exist

September 26, 2011
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Started by James McCumiskey

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pathogenic viruses exist. These viruses allegedly cause terrible diseases such as mumps, measles, rubella, AIDS and swine flu.

But what if these pathogenic viruses do not exist? What if no scientist has ever purified or isolated these alleged pathogenic viruses from the host cells?

During his undergraduate years at university, Dr Stefan Lanka came across a virus that had ‘infected’ a sea algae. The virus didn’t make the sea-algae sick. In fact the virus helped the sea algae to bloom and thrive, which was quite the opposite of what he had expected. He was really excited, because he had discovered what he thought was the first stable “virus-host” relationship. The virus did not threaten the host, but was welcomed by the sea algae and both co-existed harmoniously or endo-symbiotically.

In order to prove the existence of this virus, he isolated, biochemically characterized and photographed it. The photograph was taken by an electron microscope originally invented in the 1930s, and the biochemical characterisation was carried out using techniques invented in the 1970s. By 1994 he had achieved this and had obtained his doctorate.

The virus Dr Stefan Lanka discovered is called the Ectocarpus siliculosus virus. This virus is not pathogenic and enables the sea algae to thrive because of it, and not despite it. The diameter of this virus is approximately 120nm (nm - nano-meter - one billionth of a meter).

Dr Lanka was asked about pathogenic viruses such as HIV and did some research. He examined the scientific literature and discovered there was absolutely no evidence for the existence of any pathogenic virus deemed dangerous by the scientists and MDs; such as the mumps, measles, rubella and swine-flu  viruses, and against which our children are vaccinated.

Now if pathogenic viruses exist, it should be possible to isolate them and measure their respective diameters.

This question is directed to Professor Bill Hall Director of the NVRL (National Virus Reference Laboratory), who is the most eminent expert in Ireland on pathogenic viruses:-

Please tell me the diameter of all known pathogenic viruses and how you isolated and measured them. 

I urge the Minister of Health Dr James Reilly MD to request Professor Bill Hall PhD MD to answer this question.

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This petition had 30 supporters

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