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Over a month and a half since Hurricane Sandy, the PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) is still not running 24 hours, ridiculously shutting down at 10pm — damaging the jobs and lives of Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, Harrison and surrounding residents. We are all aware the damage at Hoboken was severe and may take several weeks to repair. However, this is not a reason for the PATH to not offer late night service. The delay in Hoboken is more of a reason for the trains to run 24/7 (their scheduled hours for decades). The limited commutes are overcrowded with infrequent trains and poor communication from PATH.  Moreover, there is no excuse for seven hours of service to be cut daily!

We are customers who now have to pay even more money to get home — whether it is buses, which do not run 24 hours and sometimes too crowded to board, ferries or pricey taxis. The MTA, LIRR and NJ Transit all suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy, but none of them have slashed seven hours of service daily. We have lives that exist between 10:01pm and 4:59am.  Train service ending at 10pm is unacceptable for a commuter city, especially during the busiest time of the year in NYC/NJ.

The excuse from the PATH?:  "Closing PATH at night is critical to ensuring the safety of our workers and to restoring full service as quickly as possible."  This reasoning worked weeks ago, but it has now been over a month.  PATH commuters have waited long enough. Jobs, local businesses and our personal lives are deeply affected.

Jersey City and the surrounding areas are under an unjust curfew with no logical reason after over four weeks since the storm. This is a disservice to a working class community who need transportation to survive.

Letter to
PATH: Restore Service After 10pm
Over a month and a half since Hurricane Sandy devastated the New York/New Jersey area. The residents who require PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) have been patient. However, it has been too long without PATH trains after 10pm. With a major station down, Hoboken, we need 24 hours of service returned. The 10pm "curfew" is affecting our jobs, local businesses and personal lives.

Please respect us as paying commuters and restore service after 10pm now.

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