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Petitioning Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky and 8 others

Provide a less controversial and offensive document to use as a guideline for updating our Sex Ed curriculum.

If this  controversial SIECUS document is used for the required update of our Sex Education Curriculum, it will be very harmfull to all children attedning CCSD schools.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Clark County School District Superintendent
    Pat Skorkowsky
  • Vice president CCSD school board district c
    Dr Linda E Young
  • District E
    Patrice Tew
  • District f
    Carolyn Edwards
  • district b
    Chris Garvey
  • Mary Pike
    Clark County School Board/Sex Education
  • CCSD school board president district g
    Erin Cranor
  • District D
    Stavan Corbett
  • Clark County School Board- District A
    Deanna Wright

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