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Pastor Worley: Stop Using Faith as a Weapon of Hate


Pastor Charles Worley heads up Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina -- and he has a plan to "get rid of all the lesbians and queers." 

"Build a great big large fence, a hundred, fifty, hundred miles long... Feed them and you know what in a few years they'll all die out. Do you know why -- they can't reproduce." 

This shocking level of hate is unacceptable from anybody -- especially a member of the clergy. Tell Pastor Worley that you won't stand for this kind of hate speech.

Letter to
Pastor Worley
I was simply sickened to hear you advocate for LGBT people to be rounded up and killed off behind electrified fences.

Your remarks are offensive and contradictory to the universal underpinning of so many of our major faiths: that all of our brothers and sisters deserve dignity and respect, and that we should treat others in a way reflective of how we wish to be treated.

Your despicable remarks did not channel a message of faith, but instead a message of hate. While matters of religious freedom as they relate to our government should always be respected, you have crossed the line and expressed a level of unadulterated hate for LGBT people that is unsurpassed in recent memory.

There are millions of people of varying faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds -- in this country and across the globe -- who do not agree with your hateful message. I am proud to count myself as one of those people, and I hope you will learn from this egregious error in judgment.


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