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Allow A UK Wife To Visit Her US Husband With A Brain Tumor

Two weeks ago, Nicholas "Hunter" Davis, 26, of Portland, Oregon, collapsed at work with a seizure. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. The next day he was diagnosed with a life threatening glioblastoma brain tumor. He was given a life expectancy of 18 months.
As soon as she found out, his wife, Jenny Walker of Colwyn Bay, Wales, rushed to make an emergency appointment with the US embassy in London. She traveled 4 hours from North Wales to London, only to be declined the Visa on the grounds that she didn't have enough 'ties' to keep her from going AWOL in the United States and never returning. In other words, her lack of 'owning property' has become the deciding factor on a wife being with her sick husband.
This is unacceptable.
The most important violation here being that they DID NOT EVEN LOOK at the reason for her need to be there. They ignored the fact that time was of the essence and her husband has a brain tumor.
Jenny does not know if she will ever see her husband again, but this is where you come in. We have to try.
We all pay for our governments. They SHOULD be working for us, not the other way round.

Please help Jenny fly to the US to see her husband again.

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