Pass Water Powers Referendum

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Pass Water Powers Referendum

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LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE: In this weekend's Daily Freeman, Water Board Commissioner Joe DeCicco, Chair of the Water Board of Commissioners issued a press release to discourage a referendum that would include the Common Council in sales of water outside of Kingston. The letter lists all Board Member's names, Staff and Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo in its letterhead - seemingly endorsed by all. 

But six members of our Common Council voted unanimously last week passing through a resolution in support of a referendum. Please sign this petition to encourage Mayor Shayne Gallo to support the Common Council's continued effort on Tuesday, June 2nd when the Common Council will discuss and vote on whether or not to LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND TO SPEAK IN SUPPORT OF A REFERENDUM at the next Kingston Common Council meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:30pm (Please arrive a early to sign-up at 7:20pm) at Kingston City Hall Council Chambers. For more information VISIT


At last week’s Public Safety/General Government Committee meeting, a resolution for a referendum to be placed on the ballot in November passed unanimously through to the Kingston Common Council. The referendum, if approved by the majority of the Council, would give the public the opportunity to vote on whether or not to amend the charter to include the Common Council for “Water Supply Outside of City”.

In Section C11-5C (Water Supply Outside of City), it says In addition thereto, said Board may supply water to other than inhabitants of the City of Kingston and outside the corporate limits of said city under the following conditions.  In item (C):  Such sales or sales must be approved by the New York State Water Power and Control Commission” (the NYS Water Power and Control Commission today is the Department of Environmental Conservation aka DEC).  The referendum would ask the public to approve or not the inclusion of the Common Council,  “and the common council.”   That simple amendment would give the public a voice in water sales outside of Kingston’s city limits.  Additionally, Kingston would automatically be an “Involved” agency in SEQR in the case one were ever triggered again.

In the meantime, the public’s water would have a layer of protection that would allow for thoughtful policy to be developed for sustainable growth and economic development using this precious public resource.

This is one of many steps that need to be taken in order to help protect Cooper Lake and our watershed as a whole.  But by assuring that the sale of water outside of our small, local municipality includes our Common Council is significant.

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This petition had 128 supporters

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