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Pass the “Puppy Mill Bill”

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States like Alabama have held the door open for cruel puppy mills for too long. There is finally legislation to provide guidelines and standards of care for the humane treatment of puppy mill dogs, and we need your help to make sure it passes.

When over 150 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels had to be rescued from a puppy mill, they became a symbol of an epidemic in Alabama. Images of their eyes crusted over as they stared helplessly from their cages spread across social media and the press. Word spread of their horrifying living conditions and treatment. People wanted to know how this could happen? The reality is Alabama has an “open for business” sign for puppy mills.

My name is Brittney and I co-founded Cavalier Rescue of Alabama. Organizations like mine have been fighting a losing battle against the puppy mills. Alabama has no laws in place that provide guidelines and standards to protect the safety and welfare of the animals. For too long, it has been up to organizations like mine to try to get these animals justice. A new bill could change that if we get enough support and it becomes law.

Tell Alabama to close the door to cruel puppy mills. Ask the Alabama legislature and governor pass HB 548, the “Puppy Mill Bill”.

HB 548 sets much-needed standards and guidelines to ensure the humane treatment and living environment for puppy mill dogs. These are standards and guidelines that are already being met or exceeded by responsible breeders. This bill is to target breeders who fail to put animal welfare first. Groups like the American Kennel Club, whose revenues come in part from puppy mills, are trying to defeat the bill. It’s why we need the support of people like you.

With so many puppy mills in Alabama, there are times it feels like an impossible fight. But the moment you take one of those dogs from an inhumane environment to one of love, it makes it all worth it. Still, we can’t do this on our own forever. We need this law. Just to rescue the over 150 Cavalier Spaniels took over $500,000 in donations raised by various rescue groups and hundreds of volunteer hours. A law protecting the health and welfare of these dogs is needed now.

Alabama has been open to puppy millers for too long, there is a lot to clean up and work to do. HB 548 is an essential first step for the overdue reform and change needed for animals in Alabama. Please sign and share the petition asking the Alabama legislature and governor to pass HB 548, the “Puppy Mill Bill”.

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