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Pass the Sovereignty Amendment

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Sovereignty Amendment Proposal

Section 1
In all instances wherein the words "person," persons," and "people" appear in this constitution, such words shall be construed to define living human beings only.

Section 2
"Money" is defined only as legal tender for the purpose of settling all debts, public and private. Congress shall make no law recognizing the free flow of money as an expression of speech of any kind, or as an expression of any of the rights enumerated in this constitution.

Section 3
Congress shall have power to enforce this article and to regulate federal elections by appropriate legislation.

***End of Proposal***

Explanation of wording:

Section 1 ends corporate and union personhood by removing the foundation for the Supreme Court ruling in Citizen's United v FEC, namely that use of the word "person" in the 14th amendment applies to legal fictions (like corporations, unions, NGOs, etc), automatically triggering 1st amendment rights. (see First Nat. Bank of Boston v. Bellotti)

Section 2 places money back in its proper place -- a form of currency, not a form of speech. (see Buckley v. Valeo)

Section 3 uses standard constitutional language to empower Congress to make law based on the new amendment with an added reaffirmation of Congress' supremacy over the judiciary in the matter of electoral law, putting some rein on activist courts.

This is non-partisan, process-oriented language. The only clear losers are the wealthiest corporations, oversized special interest groups and most bloated unions and we can all compromise on that. No matter your political stripe, nobody should have the power to drown out your voice. And you shouldn't have to give money to every group that has a message you agree with to have any say in the process. Even if you agree with the wealthy and powerful today, there's no guarantee that you'll agree with them tomorrow. Karl Rove thought he had created permanent Republican majorities. That wasn't long after Tip O'Neill thought the same thing on the Democratic side. Nothing is permanent, which is why the US Constitution has to evolve. The time is now.

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