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Pass the Electronic Monitoring of Minors Act (EMMA)

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All juveniles who are questioned in relation to a crime or criminal offense should be videotaped at all times to ensure their rights are protected and to demonstrate that the law enforcement agencies have complied with all necessary and lawful protocol when it comes to interacting with juveniles.

FACT: A number of states try juveniles age 10 and older as adults for crimes such as murder on a mandatory basis. Existence of these laws places young children at risk when they or others are questioned pertaining to a crime and video monitoring is not used.

FACT: Video monitoring is not always used and is not a requirement throughout America. If we are going to try children as adults and subject them to adult sentences in adult prisons don't you think we should afford them the simple protection of requiring all interactions with law enforcement to be videotaped?

Electronic monitoring must take place even when a minor is not suspected of committing a crime and is merely questioned as a potential witness. No questioning of a child, adolescent, or teenager should ever occur in the absence of video monitoring as it increases the probability of the child providing false testimony, giving a false confession, or bearing false witness to an event he or she may not have observed. Moreover, a lack of electronic surveillance places a child or adolescent in jeopardy of having his or her rights violated.

This Act should be required throughout the United Stated to protect the constitutional and civil rights of our nation's juveniles!

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