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Pass a bill to deter and punish corruption in Florida

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Are you sick of paying Florida’s "corruption tax?"

That’s what prosecutors call the hundreds of millions of dollars Floridians pay every year just to absorb the cost of bid-rigging, bribery, fraud and waste. It costs you more in sales taxes, property taxes, even highway tolls.

Sadly, state statutes practically allow it. We need your support to change the law.

After years of covering corruption, Gannett news sites across Florida are launching a campaign to get the Legislature to pass a bill with two fixes that would deter and punish the greedy:

  • We need to hold government contractors who conspire with public officials, pay the bribes and help rig the bids to the same laws as public servants. Today, they are mostly immune.
  • We need to stop requiring that prosecutors prove defendants had corrupt thoughts, an unusual burden not required with any other crime.

Florida's 20 state attorneys have already endorsed these changes. We hope you, too, will endorse them with your signature.

Without change, public corruption and its costs will mount.



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