Paso Robles: Demand your right to privacy, remove "The Pods".

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"Security pods" have been placed all over our city Paso Robles, dealing yet another blow to our right to privacy. The pods are being moved around our neighborhoods right in front of our houses. They have the ability to track our movements and identify us, even though we haven't been suspected of any crime. Let's join together and demand these cameras get removed from our city. 

According to the SLO Tribune: 

"The seven sets of security camera pods — each contains up to four cameras, some of which are stationary and some of which can pan, tilt or zoom — are part of a pilot program the Police Department announced in October. The department bought the cameras with a $62,500 grant from the California Board of State and Community Corrections."

State motor vehicles agencies possess high-quality photographs of most citizens that are a natural source for face recognition programs and could easily be combined with public surveillance or other cameras in the construction of a comprehensive system of identification and tracking.

We demand that the city of Paso Robles remove these cameras from our neighbourhoods immediately, and respect our right to privacy.