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Stop the Homeless Navigation Center

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SAVE YOUR COMMUNITY FROM AVOIDABLE RISKS.  This proposed Homeless Center is an allegedly indispensable response to the threatening homeless problem in Pasco County. While this is a serious and urgent issue, the Navigation Center is an unacceptable solution because:

  • Crime complaints DOUBLED during the first three months of Pinellas homeless shelter     
  • “We don’t have affordable housing so [rapid rehousing] doesn’t fix the problem either”
  • “The only quantifiable benefit appears to be jail diversion” for come as you are shelters
  • Shifting the cost of “safety and security” from the county to the community
  • “Improved by moving…to a more rural setting where natural buffers… exist”
  • The $600,000 construction budget will be spent on duplicating brick-and-mortar facility
  • Main reason for construction is so that personnel can coordinate locally
  • The $600,000 needs to be spent on homeless services, not on staff cooperation
  • Serving all homeless across our spread out county should be unaffected by this
  • $600,000 for a 20 bed facility is absurd against thousands of homeless in Pasco
  • Commissioners who approved this were board members of the spearheading organization
  • These commissioners should be disqualified from voting because they are biased
  • Program changes drastically weekly and is devious to prevent timely community input

Demand and consequences will significantly outstretch the capabilities of this one small center. Shown repeatedly by other shelters in our area, this increases the likelihood of failure and wasting of precious funds. An alternate site should be selected to remedy the shortcomings of the Navigation Center because:

  • “Property values are significantly affected [↓ 12.7%] by conditions in immediate area”
  • “My concerns are many, including public defecation”-Historic Uptown President
  • 1/3 of homeless population estimated to have untreated serious mental illness
  • This will be detrimental to nearby businesses with meandering homeless conflicts
  • “Negatively impacts…several blocks in all directions” observed by City Council member
  • A solution for all the homeless in Pasco needs to be robust and avoid specific interests
  • Police want a location to drop criminal homeless that is not jail to save money
  • Small facility will be saturated at all times so overflow endangers the community
  • Our community is criminally fragile and this location is smack in the middle of it
  • Our immediate area provides its fair share of social services: insert services
  • While a quick fix is better than nothing, concerns reveal unacceptable proposal
  • The proposal mutates the Boys and Girls Club on Youth Lane into a Homeless Center
  • As evident from “Youth Lane”, the original purpose of the building is neglected

We the undersigned demand that the Pasco County Board of Commissioners stop moving forward with this Homeless Navigation Center program. As outlined above, we the people are dreadfully concerned about the shortcomings and dangers of the proposed project’s implementation. We demand that Pasco County withdraw support from this underdeveloped program. We believe that Pasco County should develop and forthrightly move forward with a comprehensive plan that does not endanger our fragile community. We demand that this Homeless Navigation Center is stopped.

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