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Expose the fact that they do not give an Animal a Second Chance At Life...

Hello,I would like to start this Petition although my kids and I will never have Closure I feel these Animal Services should not exist their main reason for Existence is the Greed of Money..We lost all we had Due too recession and me having to Quit my job due to Injury.I had no choice but to relocate,Sad to say our Dogs Simba Lovely Sheperd Mix and Meeko  Fox Purebred German Sheperd were the Unfortunate Ones I had both Dogs one since 2 weeks old and other since 4..Simba 10 yrs and Meeko close to 7 yrs old They were Loyal Playfull and Guard dog's..Hoping a Landlord up north with a back yard would allow our dogs to no avail they did not,I tried so Hard,I had no choice but to start making Phone calls to No Kill shelters sad to say there is no such thing Now..

My son and Girlfriend Tried to see if they can be adopted as well as my Neighbor and I..Before making call which caused them their life sad to say..I called Humane Society" No Kill" amongst many they were all full,was told by Humane Pasco Animal services was a No Kill.So i called them many times FIrst I was told  Yes they can take them in asked if they were a No Kill was told yes they are not,..from there on I called several times asked was told they are a kill Shelter ,But they try their best to put up for Adoption or place an a Foster home until they can find a home for them..After being Convinced so many times,I had no choice i had to move up north I asked if i can send my son they said yes as long as i send an authorization Letter and any and all Paper's i had for them..My son did not want to turn them in right away praying someone would adopt them cause he heard alot about them,But i told him they Convinced me the charge for both were $13.00...Well the Nightmare came the day he turned them in August 4th 2011..I called the next day cause a Christian guy wanted to go get them he even took Photos of them,when I called  August 5th 2011 At 12:00 pm that is the time they open was told,I was being stalled  by Cristina at intake got disconnected called again only for Supervisor Lynne A Deddo to tell me Sorry Simba and Meeko are Gone,I asked gone where where did you take them too,I have a Christian Man who wants them..They were Euthanized that same night:(:(:(..

I called Manager John Malley he was as cold as them he said they were Euthanized..

I stated You killed my dogs ,they did not even have their last Supper how cold hearted and Cruel you guys lied to me the Commissioner for Animals was worse Daniel R Johnson,The letter i authorized i Pleaded and spoke about them to give a second chance..He claims they do not Euthanize the same night how much of a lier it was Confirmed by Supervisor..their is a big sign on wall,your son was asked How Cold Hearted (Putting him on the Spot.).I stated maybe that is why god was giving me a sign,He stated oh no but you are wrong god would have wanted them to die.. I recieved a call from Daniel R Johnson Ass't County Administrator(At Pasco County Government Building) which i requested He basically was taking the Staff as well as John Malley's side having a Hypocritcal sentament ToneThis Facility had just finished opening a state of the Art Adoption Center,When I asked why first because we do not put dogs together we were over Crowded,...,My Question is why were they taken then Simba and Meeko were Brothers,then they were to old 10 and 7 Come on..They get Funds from all over the Place,Which i feel they should not get..

I had health issues but they had their Rabies shots for 3 years and were healthy Meeko had skin problems which i took care of at home but that was a Pre- existent issue,they had alot of TLC..Please this was uncalled for this can happen to you too..and it hurts deep.... Please I Plea DO NOT IGNORE THIS PETITON!! ,It's time to Put a Stop to abuse you can go to facebook and Click PASCO ANIMAL ADOPTION PARTNERS FACEBOOK,There are malnurish and alot of Animals with Skin Diseases and SImba and Meekos Age,Why were Mine an Exception? they Were Not Malnurish and not Vicious..And you see Pasco Animal Humane Society and Humane Society Pinellas Humane Society it's Funny because ..The Ones that told me they were a no kill shelter have Partner with them..It's time to put a Stop to Animal Cruelty ..Only God can Make the decision when it is one's time!!! Thank You.....Even Called PETA they are suppose to fight for Animal Right's " Every year animal Shelters open the Door to these Disposable Animals" An one of their Phrases Because of the Lack of Failing to Sterilize the Animal's an General..So Another word's they are Trash...


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    Michele Baker
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