Stop Celbridge Junction Change

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The county council plans to change the south junction at the only bridge in celbridge and introduce restrictions and diversions. More info on the proposal:

The main points as to why this should not be allowed pass;

1) A high volume of traffic being re-routed through housing estates with lots of young children. Also there will be massive increase in noise pollution to their residents.

2) Emergency services responding to celbridge come from the opposing side of the bridge. They will have an extra 2.5km drive to attend any scenarios that occur on or up the Simmons town road

3) Not only is human welfare at risk but animal welfare too. Beaufield vets is situated just beyond the junction on the Dublin road anyone wishing to use it from the hatch or Simmons town road directions will too have to take this detour.

4)local businesses are set to suffer. St Wolstans shopping centre recieves a lot of business from passing by commuters due to convenience. This proposal will remove this convenience.

5) the bollards they plan to install to prevent traffic (crossing the bridge) turning right will need to be constantly replaced due to buses and HGV's needing more room than the lane provides to turn onto the Dublin road

6) Funeral Corteges going to Donagcumper graveyard from Cunningham's funeral home will have to walk through the estates unless the county council plans to shut down the junction for its crossing due to the bollards preventing quick and easy crossing.

There's many better solutions to this issue namely giving the town with an exponentially growing population a second and clearly needed bridge, or by widening the bridge and junction, or even implementing a roundabout for example.

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