The resignation . Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director .Copenhagen zoo in Denmark

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The resignation . Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director .Copenhagen zoo in Denmark

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 #‎JusticeforMarius‬ . The resignation . Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director .Copenhagen zoo in Denmark .


Le dimissioni. Bengt Holst, direttore scientifico dello zoo. Zoo di Copenaghen in Danimarca

Fratræden. Bengt Holst. zoo videnskabelige direktør. København zoo i Danmark

Der Rücktritt. Bengt Holst. wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Zoos. Kopenhagen Zoo in Dänemark

La démission. Bengt Holst. directeur scientifique du zoo. Copenhague zoo au Danemark

Het ontslag. Bengt Holst. wetenschappelijk directeur van de dierentuin. Kopenhagen dierentuin in Denemarken

A renúncia. Bengt Holst. diretor científico do zoológico. Zoo de Copenhaga, na Dinamarca

La dimisión. Bengt Holst. director científico del zoológico. Zoo de Copenhague en Dinamarca

Rezygnacja. Bengt Holst. dyrektor naukowy w zoo. Zoo w Kopenhadze w Danii

Demisia. Bengt Holst. director științific al grădinii zoologice. Gradina zoologica Copenhaga din Danemarca 

Eroaminen. Bengt Holst.Eläintarhan tieteellinen johtaja. Kööpenhaminan eläintarhassa Tanskassa

Healthy giraffe named Marius was killed and feed him the lions in Copenhagen, Denmark
Marius, centre, with other giraffes at Copenhagen zoo in Denmark. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Danish zoo sparks outrage by killing healthy giraffe

A healthy giraffe killed is absolutely disgraceful and to invite visitors, including children to watch the giraffe being skinned and fed to the animals. That's just sick and what message does that send out to preserve these animals for future generations..

There was no need to be barbaric as many people offered to take in that giraffe than see it be killed...

As if we do not have enough killing of these beautiful animals with poachers and trophy hunters etc now we have a zoo.

JusticeforMarius‬ .

Death should always be a last resort, not something to insist upon. The way Holst stubbornly refused to consider any alternatives that might save Marius' life is appalling. He claims his actions are the name of science, but he is an embarrassment to the scientific community. No scientist practicing ethical behavior would ever assume such an uncompromising stance against life.

His callous attitude towards a living creature and his disrespect for the wishes of the public deem him unfit to serve as scientific director of any institution. Science does not need ruthless people incapable of compassion. This reflects badly on the rest of us as well.

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This petition had 81,314 supporters

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