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Stop bullfighting & the "fire bull" in Spain. Boycott animal abuse.


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Spanish-style bullfighting is an old tradition. It's called corrida de toros "running of bulls" or "the festival". The bullfighters stabs the bull in the neck, weakening the neck muscles and leading to the animal's first loss of blood. A slow dead for an innocent animal. 

The "Toro Embolado" is a tradition where balls of flammable material are attached to a bull's horns. The balls are lit and the bull is set free in the streets at night; where the participants dodge the bull when it comes close. 

The Community of Madrid (Spain), with the help of "Ciudadanos", a political party, has invested 1.3 Million euros for this activities, 40,8% more than 2016. Cristina Cifuentes is the person behind this actions.

Legal animal abuse has to be stopped.Torture is neither art nor culture. Please support petition to make everyone conscious about the situation of this beautiful animals. None of them deserve to die in the name of "culture".


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