Partial Furlough Support, Please!

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Please sign our petition to show that you support our call for the Government to modify their support for Furloughed staff.

Right now furloughed support under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the 80% salary cover) only applies where an employee stops working for your organisation completely.

We have heard from hundreds of companies who would love to use that support, but in a partial way.

Companies want to be able to still get some work done by staff, and are comfortable paying normally for this - but they can’t afford to pay for these staff to remain in their business full-time any more. And, they don’t have enough work to keep them usefully busy on a full-time basis.

If we can modify this scheme:

  1. Our companies will be better off;
  2. Our staff will be better off (happier, still feeling useful and valued);
  3. ...and the Government will spend less in support.

Will you join us?

All you have to do is sign our petition, which we will take to Government.

And please share this with your network - the more companies that sign this, the better the chance we have that the Chancellor will give us this valuable new support.

Thank you!

David and Kirsty
Founders of citrus HR