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Replace Mercury laced Gym Flooring in Parsippany-Troy Hills Schools immediately!

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Dear Superintendent & Members of the Board of Parsippany Troy Hills School District,

It has come to our attention that Littleton Elementary School has tested positive for mercury content in the Gym flooring. We understand that you have had a chance to retain an external agency who performed tests on the floor and has reported & interpreted findings by benchmarking them to existing threshold standards (reference concentrations) set up by US Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies.

However, as we all know, all scientific tests have certain limitations and exclusions. In this case, the tests were done after school hours and using a sampling strategy we cannot be fully certain is truly representative of the underlying problem. All sampling strategies have margins of error. Besides, it is not known if an independent Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) was present during the sampling or not. Also, levels of mercury vapor are known to change with ambient temperature, elevation, and other factors. There is a possibility that in winter months when the heat is turned on,  the vapor levels may increase significantly than the day & time of testing. Further, as immunity varies from one child to the other, some children may be vulnerable to toxicity even below reference concentrations. Lastly, reference concentrations are known to change with the advancement of scientific knowledge, and what's acceptable today, may not be acceptable tomorrow.

In our humble opinion, there cannot be any continued benefit of having a floor that contains toxic matter. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin; it causes irreparable damages to the nervous system, brain and other human organs and tissues. We cannot allow our children to be continuously be exposed to even small levels of it on a regular basis. The gym in our school is very important for the students, teachers, staff, parents and the members of the community. It is used not only for Physical Education, sports and games but also as the venue for SKIP and several other programs organized by the PTA and the community. We need to ensure that we eliminate any chance of children being harmed just by participating in any of such events.

We urge you to act immediately and order the replacement of the existing gym floor at Littleton Elementary School with a more health & environment friendly flooring material.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


Concerned Parents of Littleton Elementary School students and Members of the Parsippany Troy Hills community.




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