STOP Parramatta Council slashing homeless food service

STOP Parramatta Council slashing homeless food service

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Parramatta Mission started this petition to Parramatta City Council (Draft Civic Link Precinct DCP)

From a kitchen and dining room at 119 Macquarie Street, Parramatta Mission provides over 46,000 meals every year to those who may be homeless, at risk of homelessness, facing crisis, escaping domestic violence or living with mental illness.

In March 2019 Parramatta City Council voted to take land from Parramatta Mission to build its Civic Link. The Civic Link is a pedestrianised walk way.

The land grab will mean a loss of land from the front, rear, side and underneath our current building. This land grab will halve the number of vulnerable people that Parramatta Mission can help. There has not been genuine consultation or offer of compensation. We are asking for a fair go.

Parramatta is growing, building new spaces, creating new jobs and providing new infrastructure. But the council’s plan is not inclusive – shouldn’t there be space for everyone?

This will have a huge impact on our activities such as Meals Plus, interfaith events, group gatherings, community group meetings, accommodation services and service operations in Parramatta.

Parramatta City Council have rejected our plans for a win-win situation. Parramatta Mission is getting boxed in and squashed in every direction to reduce our building size. This reduces the impact on the lives of the most vulnerable in the community who we help every day.

We need your help to convince council to revoke its decision so that Parramatta Mission can continue to assist those most in need in our community. Sign our petition today.

Parramatta Mission (beginning as the Methodist church) has been located on what is now Macquarie Street for around 200 years. The land was a gift from Governor Macquarie for the good of the community. Parramatta Mission is a place of inclusion where all people are welcome and every day the most disadvantaged people in Parramatta receive essentials support and services to give them a hand up.

Senior Minister Keith Hamilton said “This move by council will directly harm and reduce the ability of Parramatta Mission to do God’s good work in the heart of Parramatta,”

“Parramatta City Council are taking away half of our building and if you want to put a dollar value on it, it’s $30 million in building value,” Dr Chioatto said.

Sign our petition TODAY to show your support and help us to force a change.

Parramatta Mission has plans to build inclusive housing and spaces for service provision at Macquarie Street for everyone - including the most vulnerable in our city – giving everyone the opportunity to feel valued and improve their lives. The council has rejected these plans and given no compensation or consideration to how Parramatta Mission might continue to assist those in need. It seems like the council wants to drive the most vulnerable residents out of the city centre.

The land grab will take away

100% of our kitchen and 25% of our dining space 
– which currently feeds over 100 people a day with the provision of low cost / free breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday. Our dining space is also used by local groups for rehearsals, meetings, activities and essential service provision.

100% of our consultation area for the Meals Plus Outreach Program
– where external services come to be available to those in need. Services such as Housing, Centrelink, medical referrals, financial and legal services and case management.

It will eliminate 50% of affordable, low cost and crisis accommodation for people at risk of homelessness in Parramatta which we were intending to build.

The landgrab impacts the services that Parramatta Mission can provide, with less space, less people will receive the essential accommodation and other essential services they desperately need.

With more people coming into Parramatta these services are likely to increase in demand, where will citizens of Parramatta go when they face crisis or are in need?


Help Parramatta Mission

Help us continue to feed the Homeless

Your support will mean the most vulnerable groups in our community are not even further disadvantaged.

We need to make the council STOP and listen to their community.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!