Rehabilitation is not a word, it’s an action!

Rehabilitation is not a word, it’s an action!

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Started by Verlie Word

Verlie Word is serving a multiple life sentence in the Virginia Department of Corrections. He has taken full responsibility for the crimes he committed. He has been incarcerated 20 years and through rehabilitation he is a changed man. He has an opportunity for parole and we are seeking support for parole in hopes that he will be granted a second chance.

In 1993, two men lost their lives because of Verlie’s actions. Verlie allowed peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol to rule over his life. Verlie is truly remorseful for all the pain his choices caused to so many. He does not make excuses for his actions and accepts full responsibility. 

Verlie has remained infraction free for the entire 20 years of his incarceration. He maintains a positive mindset and works extremely hard to better himself. He wants others to avoid his same mistakes, and he teaches the younger offenders about gun violence using his life as an example. 

He has completed numerous college courses to enhance his education, he has held the job as the Chaplain's Assistant for nearly a decade, and also created a program called P.E.A.C.E (Peace, Education, Activism, Community Excellence). The PEACE program was co-founded by Verlie at Nottoway Correctional Center. The program teaches men newly incarcerated to work together, educate others, be active in their community, and to strive for personal and community excellence. 

Verlie heard a calling from God in 2010 when he started 20/20 Clear Vision Ministries.  Since the inception, Verlie not only uses his ministry to reach those who are currently incarcerated with him to show them a better way of life - but he is actively involved outside of the prison walls with youth, addicts, and returning citizens.

Verlie has spoken multiple times, from prison, to those who are currently in jails and share his story and the love of Jesus Christ. He been a guest on multiple podcasts, and most recently in March 2023, he put on a very successful event for the youth of Halifax County. 

Life in prison is short of an execution, the harshest imaginable punishment available in America. It screams a person is beyond hope, beyond redemption and beyond rehabilitation. It rips away any chance of reconciliation with society and gives no chance of fulfillment outside the prison walls.

Verlie has shown tremendous rehabilitation by surrendering his life to God, and bettering himself as a friend, father and model offender that has been completely reformed. His goal is to make a meaningful impact on the community he hurt. For the rest of his life he will live with the pain he caused but hopes to atone for his actions through continuous acts of service. 

Verlie is a Godly man with a compassionate spirit and is always reaching out from within to make a difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to see Verlie regain his freedom and you can help in the efforts!

Please consider signing this petition to bring Verlie home!

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1,298 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!