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Parole Hearing Oct 29, 2010 for criminal guilty of Shaking a Baby

In September of 2006, 16-month old Alex Batista was a healthy happy baby, full of life with no medical issues.  He was born perfect!  His biological mother's boyfriend at the time, could not control his anger and proceeded to shake little Alex over and over.  Alex now is living in a bed, on feeding tubes, has had many surgeries and many more to come.  The criminal, Martin Manuel Ramirez, is up for early parole on
OCtober 29, 2010 and because we want this outrageous behavior to stop immediately, and because little Alex now has been given a life sentence as described above, the least Mr. Ramirez can do is serve his full term!

Letter to
Parole Board
We come to you, the Parole Board, in complete support of victum Alex Batista, who was given a life sentence by Mr. Ramirez by shaking him so violently, that Alex is now on feeding tubes, confined to his bed, been through numerous surgeries with many more to come! All because the criminal could not control his anger! Alex may not be able to speak, but we are signing this petition so Alex knows he has a voice and will be heard! Serving his full term is the very least Mr. Ramirez can do, and even though Alex will serve out his life sentence, he will do it by touching people's hearts and lives around the world. Alex is our Braveheart Alex, and this violent behavior MUST be stopped!

We sign this petition knowingly and willingly in support of Braveheart Alex!

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