Advocate Against the 2021 Parole Hearing for Daniel Sylvester

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Alicia Ross from Ontario, Canada, disappeared mysteriously from her home fifteen years ago on the evening of August 17th, 2005.  This unprecedented and unfortunate disappearance elicited widespread focus throughout Canadian and international media and warranted a global investigation.  Police departments and investigators reached out to communities with the hopes of Ross’ discovery in what is now known as one of the largest searches for a missing person in Canadian history.  The last known person to see Ross at the time of her disappearance was her boyfriend and the person of interest throughout the investigation for her whereabouts.  One month after an extensive search that instilled panic and fear into a nation, Ross’ next-door neighbour, Daniel Sylvester, went to authorities and confessed to murder of the innocent young woman. 

            Over the next weeks, Sylvester videotaped confessions, allowing authorities to uncover the gruesome acts of his violent attack and eventual homicide.  In time, he led investigators to the dismembered human remains that he hid in country areas across north-eastern Ontario.  The details of the case revealed throughout the trial, showed that an altercation occurred between the two parties that involved extremely aggressive acts which eventually led to Ross’ fatality.  Sylvester reported that he was standing in the pathway between him and Ross’ house just after midnight when the attack occurred.  During the confrontation, Sylvester struck Alicia in the face and forced his knee into her chest.  The attack escalated as he then grabbed her hair, repeatedly slamming her head against the ground, and inflicting enough blunt traumas to cause substantial loss of blood.  Sylvester held Ross’s body down, bashing her head to the ground until she stopped breathing.  Showing no signs of remorse, he then took a shower and hid her blood and semen stained clothing into garbage bags.   After his attempt to clean up his murder, Sylvester then tried to contain the body from any further movement by mutilating Ross.  He returned back inside of his home where he watched television and then decided to sleep for several hours before an early morning car ride to cover up this horrifyingly vicious act.  In the trial, with more evidence being revealed, it was determined that Sylvester’s intentions were sexually motivated and ended with his conviction to life in prison.  No emotion was shown when he was read his sentencing term or throughout the duration of the four-week trial.

            Sylvester is an extremely aggressive offender who was convicted to the second degree murder of Ross, and was sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for sixteen years since his ruling.  Sylvester is eligible for parole before his life sentence in September of next year if he wishes to apply and may potentially be granted an early release.  The intent of this petition was created to advocate on behalf of the victims of homicide and the families and loved ones who endear a hurt so substantial that the suffering of these devastating losses can never be undone.  It is our hope, that enough awareness may be influential to the Parole Board of Canada and deny the early release of Sylvester into the community and thereby ensuring the safety of the public.

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