Deny Clinton Gayle's Parole From His Double LIfe Sentence

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On June 16th, 1994, 25 year old Constable Todd Baylis and his partner, Constable Mike Leone, were conducting a routine walkthrough of a "problematic" apartment complex at 710 - 720 Trethewey Drive. Upon coming across Clinton Gayle in the stairwell of 710 Trethewey Drive, Constable Baylis uttered his usual "What's up?" greeting. Clinton Gayle proceeded to punch officer Baylis in the chest. Officers Baylis and Leone chased Clinton Gayle to arrest him for "Assault Police." Clinton Gayle was able to break free of both officers and fled out the door leading to the outside of the apartment. Upon exiting the same door officer Leone was shot from several feet away by Clinton Gayle. What happened following that is only, truly known by Clinton Gayle himself, but officer Baylis, laying on the pavement due to a broken ankle, was shot point blank (executed), from 3 to 6 inches away in his right temple; for all intents and purposes, killing him instantly. Constable Baylis' service revolver was still locked in its holster. Upon executing officer Baylis, Clinton Gayle turned his attention back to officer Leone. There is absolutely no doubt that Clinton Gayle was about to murder officer Leone, but for the fact that Gayle's gun jammed, he would have succeeded. Officer Leone was able to return fire and hit Clinton Gayle two times. 
In 1996, Clinton Gayle was convicted of First Degree Murder for the execution of Constable Baylis, and the Attempted Murder of Constable Leone. These were two of the "more" serious of the 4 charges he was convicted of.
Clinton Gayle was sentenced to TWO LIFE sentences without the possibility of parole for 25 years. 
In 2013 Clinton Gayle applied for early leave from his sentence under section 745 of the Criminal Code of Canada. He was denied this remedy by Justice Nordheimer .
In his ruling Justice Nordheimer wrote "[40] There appear on the surface to be a number of positives in the applicant’s conduct during the time that he has been incarcerated. That said, there are sufficient qualifications and uncertainties regarding the degree of that positive change, and the genuineness of it, as to justify considerable caution in coming to any conclusion as to where the truth of the matter actually lies. It is noteworthy that the applicant’s score for violent recidivism has remained unchanged at moderate during all of this time. Considering his record overall, the applicant is not the “model prisoner” whose conduct and attitude can be demonstrated to have changed so much from what it was at the time of the offence that I could be satisfied that there is a “substantial likelihood” that twelve jurors would conclude that a sufficient transformation has occurred that would warrant a reduction in the mandatory twenty-five year period of parole ineligibility. The record before me might give rise to a possibility that such a result could occur but that is no longer the test. Something much more than a mere possibility must be present.

[41] In addition, the applicant was found guilty of a brutal and horrific crime. Given that reality and the uncertainties regarding the applicant’s attitude and conduct while incarcerated, I do not believe that twelve jurors would ever, even in the exercise of the very broad discretion vested in them[4], come to the level of comfort in this case that they would decide that the applicant should be given the opportunity to apply for early parole.

[42] The application is dismissed. Given the circumstances of this case, and the stage at which the applicant is in terms of serving his sentence, pursuant to s. 745.61(3)(b), I order that the applicant may not make another application under subsection 745.6(1)."

Full decision here -

In June of 2019 Clinton Gayle will have served 25 years of his double "Life" sentence and as such, he has applied for parole from said sentence.

Clinton Gayle deserves to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars for the heinous and brutal execution style murder of Constable Baylis and the attempted murder of Constable Leone.

The people on this page support the fundamental idea that LIFE in the Canadian Justice System should mean LIFE. Perpetrators of extremely violent crimes such as this do not deserve a second chance. It is a LIFE sentence for the victims of such crimes, it should be a LIFE sentence for the perpetrators as well.

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