Keep Child-Killer and Paedophile Steven Leisk Locked up And Keep Children Today Safe

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Society demands they keep child-killer and convicted paedophile Steven Leisk locked up for life and keep our children safe from him.

In July 1997, Steven Leisk, who had been convicted four times of sexual offences against children – one crime so serious he got seven years for it – destroyed our family by murdering our brother Scott Simpson, who was just nine.

Scott loved helping others and wanted to be a fire officer or a police officer, but he didn’t get the chance because Leisk targeted him for a moment of sexual gratification and snuffed out his life.

Leisk went to work next day, while our family went through torment looking for Scott. By the time his body was found, after he had been missing for more than four full days, Leisk was already grooming two teenage boys. Four days after committing murder, he was preparing his next victims.

In November 1997 he was jailed for life and had a minimum 25 years imposed on him. ECHR laws saw that cut to 20 a few years later. He has now passed the 20-year mark and is entitled to have his case for release considered by the Parole Board for Scotland.

We need to let the board know it has a duty to society to keep locked up men who target children to rape them or murder them and protect the children of today from this dangerous and evil predator.