Equality for BC Pitbulls!

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 Pit bulls have a real problem here in canada compared to other dog breeds. As a pit bull owner (of 2 precious pooches) this really upsets me. They're a beautiful breed, and are some of the friendliest dogs I have ever met; but here in Canada, theres a lot of laws against them. In some provinces (Ex. Ontario) they're flat out illegal. But sadly this petition will only cover BC.

    Here in BC, we have numerous bylaws about how pit bulls are presented in public, cared for, bred, and are out right restricted in some parts. This is not fair for such a loving dog. But what's even worse is the "Vicious Dog" title we use. This is the Burnaby Governments definition of a "Vicious Dog". 

Definition of a vicious dog

“vicious dog” means

(a) a dog that without provocation has bitten or caused injury to a human being or to a domestic animal, but does not include a dog that has bitten or injured a trespasser, and

(b) a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an American Pit Bull Terrier and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics


Definition "A" is completely normal, but defintion "B" is discriminatory towards the entire breed. Pit bull terriers are deemed dangerous by just existing. A perfectly friendly dog is compared to one who has bitten or attacked, just because of their history.

Other bylaws include having extra charges towards licensing and neutering/spading (up to $100 dollar increase), having to be muzzled and on leash in public at ALL times, specific containment requirements, and restrictions in some areas (Naniamo, Osoyoos, Ladysmith). All dog breeds should be treated equally, because they all have "equal" chances of being aggressive. By making this petition, I hope to at least lessen the discriminatory laws against these canines.


Yes, pit bulls are very strong dogs with  powerful jaws, they also have a history of being bred for dog fighting, hence the name "pit" bulls. But that does not mean they are aggressive by nature. They are strong, but not aggressive. Any dog can be an aggressive dog, it's not about the breed, it's about how you treat them. If you keep a dog outside on a chain, it'll go crazy. If you neglect it and beat it, it'll go crazy. If you nurture and care for it, it'll be your best friend.

(personal story )

Last summer, me and my father fostered a Staffordshire mix for three weeks. We named her Molly. She came from a kill shelter in the U.S. And was only 3 days from being "put down". She was only a year old, and had already been pregnant and used for breeding before. Molly came to us and I had never seen a dog so happy to just be in home rather than a cold cage. I absolutely adored that dog. I'd read to her every night, and I'd give her hugs and kisses everyday I was around. But sadly, we couldn't keep her. She was a dog that needed a lot of time, room, and attention. And in a busy family she was sadly left alone at home, and wasn't able to get enough exercise with us. Making her restless. I wasn't the best sister to Molly, I'll admit that I have a temper, but I still loved her. I still cry about her sometimes. When we walked her, I'd cry then too because we had to take side streets, because people would come and either approach us and ask us to leave (in a public area), or would change streets and avoid us completely. Even friends and family wouldn't visit because they were "worried". Molly now lives with a forever family very happily with other dogs. When we got a new dog just after molly (Labrador Retriever puppy), everyone one was head over heels for her. Except for me. Everyone loved this puppy. Strangers, family, friends, everyone wanted to hold her and pet her. They didn't care when she was teething and bit their hands and clothes. But weren't they as accepting with Molly? Now our new puppy is growing fast and I've grown really attached to her, but i don't think I'll ever get over Molly.

Sign this petition, and help give dogs like Molly the respect and love they deserve.