Make it a criminal offence to hit and run a cat!

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I lost my beautiful cat who was only 4 years old right outside my home in the car park outside my house where a driver left her in a unimaginable state and I like to think if this person was a decent human being an tried to help or contact us we would have did our best to save her. 

She was left right in the middle of the road in a pool of blood and her eye hanging out a 30 second walk from her home � 

This was a hit and run on a defenceless animal and it should be a criminal offence to not report it and try to help the animal, a cat should be no different to a dog, cats are stil a beloved pet and part of a family!

Grant cats the same status under the Road Traffic Act 1988 as dogs and other animals, whereby it becomes law to report any accident to the Police and grant the Police powers to prosecute motorists who fail to report or stop at the scene of an accident.

Cats are considered as family members by many households and are more vulnerable to these kind of horrific accidents and it needs to be a crime.
Sadly, many motorists will not stop after hitting cats as there is no legal requirement for them to do so and it is no right a cat should be no different to any other animal that the law requires you to report.

A cat isn't just a animal my bluebell was beautiful a part of my family and a part of my home my daughters best friend, we are left devastated that this happend and she wasn't given the chance to be saved.