Reverse the Decision to Scrap the Gender Recognition Act Consultation Results

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The government held a consultation regarding the Gender Recognition Act, which aimed to find how the general public thought we could help trans people. It asked questions about what changes we could make to make trans lives easier with things like self-ID, access to healthcare and shortening the long timeframes that it takes for trans people to access care that allows them to begin their transition. 

More than 100,000 responses were received and were overwhelmingly in favour of improving lives of trans people. 

However, the government have decided to scrap the results of the consultation because they “believe the results were skewed by an avalanche of responses generated by trans rights groups.”

This is unfair and undemocratic! They held the consultation and got their results. They simply MUST follow up on them. Our trans siblings are one of the most vulnerable groups in modern society and face discrimination and often violence at a disproportionate rate. We need to make the government listen. We need them to carry out the results and apply the new guidelines from the consultation like they promised they would!