Investigation of Property Dealings by R. Gundu Rao a former Chief Minister of Karnataka

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Former Chief Minister of Karnataka (India), Late R. Gundu Rao many times used dark forces to steal the properties from the formers in during his tenure as Chief Minister of Karnataka between 1980 and 1983.

In one of the case, my father was kidnapped and taken into Biligiri Estate (Near Suntikoppa, Kodagu District (Coorg)) with the help of K.M. Ibraim who was a school teacher in Suntikoppa (Kodagu) and later turned politician to become MLA of Karnataka. K.M.Ibraim was a known person to my father and he (K.M.Ibraim) offered a lift from Madikeri (Kodagu District) while my father was waiting for the Bus to go to Kushalanagar (Kodagu District). While on the way K.M. Ibraim took diversion to Biligiri estate with a justification that he has a friend to meet where R.Gundu Rao, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka along with few Rowdies were waiting. 

My Father Laxman Puttegowda was forced to sign the property transfer documents in the mid night at the Gun Point on that day of the year 1981. The saddest part of Indian democracy is that the then Sub Registrar of Somawarpet (Coorg Dist.) was also present in the Biligiri Estate in that tragic night to aid the transfer of the property. The transfer of the property has happened in the mid night and outside the sub registrar office (Was it a Banana Republic?). This forced my family to relocate to a remote village where there was a lack of basic amenities and we had to fight all the odds. Late R. Gundu Rao also stole the Lands of our neighbour who then received that land for his military service. The poor retired soldier could not get the property allocated for his service. All these were done because R. Gundu Rao's father Late. Rama Rao's properties were next to my fathers land and he (R. Gundu Rao) wanted to extend his land holding by displacing the neighbours.

All the properties mentioned are located behind the fire station of Kushalanagar (Kodagu). Late R. Gundu Rao also acquired many lands around Bangalore (Bengaluru) during the period he was in office. How was it possible to buy so much of lands in such a short period of time?.

The family of Late R. Gundu Rao sold the properties in Kushalanagar to a third party in the late 90's . The sold lands also include large part of the adjacent lands which did not belong to them.  This was challenged in the Somawarpet Court in the the year 1997 and the case was withdrawn in 2002 due to local political pressure and my father was once again forced to sign the documents against his will. The poor Ex-Military persons properties were converted into legal properties by that third party under Akarama-Sakrama scheme after the original documents which awarded the lands to Ex-Military person were purposefully destroyed by R. Gundu Rao administration in 1980's. The Akrama-Sakrama scheme was launched by Government of Karnataka in the year 2014 where the properties held illegally (Akrama) can be converted into legal (Sakrama) properties by paying some penalties. Extension of the Akrama-Sakrama scheme to Agricultural lands in 2016 helped the third party.

Our Father approached various politicians to get the help but every one seems to be involved in the business and almost everyone tried to convince him compromise. Ofcourse, I like to thank few genuine government employees in Sub registrar office in Somawarpet (Kodagu District) who did support my father at times.

Whatever be the case, I believe my father did not get the justice due to corrupt nature of the Indian administrative process, I am raising a petition to request Parliament of India and Legislative Assembly of Karnataka to order an independent investigation of all the property dealings of Late Mr. R. Gundu Rao during his tenure as Chief Minister of Karnataka also debate the matter in the Parliament of India and Legislative assembly of Karnataka. Also conduct an independent enquiry against K.M. Ibraim a close aid of R. Gundu Rao at that time. Further, I am also requesting the concerned  Government to verify the proper implementation of Akrama-Sakrama scheme which denied the Ex-military person his share of lands.

It is necessary to debate this in the parliament/Legislative assembly to aid the transformation of India.