STOP Narcissist abuse

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  • I’ve been a victim of narcissist abuse for just over 10 years, and the impacts are life changing. So many woman/men suffer in silence most people don’t even understand what narcissistic abuse is. I didn’t and hadn’t even ever heard of it till I met my ex partner. I want this abuse to be explained to young teens in secondary schools before they start intimate relationships, and hopefully for it to be made a criminal offence for these men/woman to abuse their partners/friends/family’s/colleagues with this sort of abuse. These sick twisted individuals know exactly what they are doing to their victims. This abuse just isn’t spoken of or heard about enough. It’s soul destroying beyond the unthinkable the way these individuals devalue another human being, to where your made to feel worthless like absolute nothing but a piece of garbage and in some cases even to the point where you question your own sanity and think about taking your own life. This abuse is wrong on so many levels and something needs to be done now the longer it goes unheard, unnoticed the worse it will become and the more people that are likely to get narcissist personality disorder please help make a change so people can know this is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone in any circumstances no one should have to go through this horrific abuse