Family law has to change

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I am writing today to express my sincere hope that we can band together as a nation and gain the attention of our is a well known fact, that our Family law system is deeply flawed and I believe, until laws are changed injustices will continue.
What are our leaders doing about this?
When it comes to separation and custody how is it that a mother has all the rights? I am yet to understand the logic behind this. How does a parliament come up with a decision that children are better off with a mother? (Unless of cause DV plays a part, for either sex).
What is it that gives a woman the right to a child, when the other parent is a hardworking and loving person?
I have been told on numerous occasions that this is not the case, but if you speak to the many men who are suffering as a cause of such laws, they will tell you otherwise.
Why is it that domestic violence advocates, such as White Ribbon, ask men to take a stance against violence towards women, how about we all take a stance against violence towards any gender?
As we are also aware, the state of this countries mental health is giving rise and unfortunately, a lot of these cases are males who have been left behind by our legal system.
Our laws, our police and all the governing bodies that are meant to be protecting both sexes, keep failing us, time and time again.
A father who has been tormented for so long, who has their children taken from them and gets absolutely no help, from anybody, develops depression and over time may do something, that he normally wouldn't, such as hurt the mother of the children or the children themselves. Whilst, I am in no way condoning violence, Can you imagine how much torment this father has suffered, to go as far as hurting his children?
Unfortunately, all the courts and media see, is a violent man who suffered a mental illness, not a totally desperate man who was let down time and time again, by our justice system.
Why are we so scared, as a country, to stand up and take a stance and say enough is enough?
Children deserve both parents and domestic violence happens to many people, not just women.
I want to see our laws change for the sake of our children. I truly believe equal custody will reduce divorce, and will reduce our suicide rates and give for much happier children.
And before you give an opinion, think about this, approximately 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce, which means there is a very big possibility your son, your nephew, brother, uncle etc will be going through the family law courts.
Help make a change..
Children need both parents.